Khanjali Dagger

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By Crusader1307

Developed in 12th Century Russia, The Khanjali Dagger was the preferred sidearm of the Light Cavalry known as The Cossacks. Along with The Shashkas Sword, these were their predominate weapons. The Khanjali was a double-edged blade, roughly 12-inches long. Extremely sharp, it featured a slightly recessed upper blade portion. Flat and somewhat broad for the designation of “Dagger”, The Khanjali also featured an unusual handle/grip. It had no padding or related gripping material. This component was made of wood or bone. The blade had a flattened extended pommel/rondel. Carried in a small scabbard, The Khanjali style of blade may predate the 12th Century in some form. It is still worn for ceremonial purposes.