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By Crusader1307

Developed in the late 16th Century (and continuing in design well into the early 19th Century), The Ketch was a small ship noted for it's 2 larger Mainmasts and 1 or 2 smaller Mizzenmasts. Shallow draughted and fast, these vessels were ideal for fishing and Harbor transport. The Ketch design was used by many seafaring Nations. The Mysorean Kingdom relied on The Ketch design as it's primary Warship. The Ketch normally carried Mortar-style cannon (which were very effective). In addition, The Mysoreans equipped some Ketches with Rocket Systems (as attested by The British Royal Navy and The Dutch East Indian Company) in their engagements with The Mysoreans. The Ketch ranged from around 75 to 100 feet long and displaced around 80 tons. They would give way to The Barque.