Katzbalger Sword

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By Crusader1307

Developed in the 15th Century, the Katzbalger was in the Arming Sword classification of weapons. Known for it's distinctive "S" or "8" shaped hand guard, the blade was around 35 to 38 inches long. The novice hand grip was a successful design attempt at protecting all aspects of the wielder's hand and wrist. The blade was flatter than a typical Arming Sword or Dagger. The tip was slightly blunted and could be single or double edged. The technique of use for the Katzbalger was furtive and quick moves (similar to a cat). Hence the weapons name translated - "Cat Fight". This weapon was preferred for use by Crossbowmen and other missile troops as a close quarters sidearm (in the event they could not fire their weapons as effectively as needed).