• Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

The Kabbadion was a form of Byzantine ''Court'' Clothing seen in the 8th Century AD. The one piece Tunica (of Western Roman titling) – was long enough to pass the shins of The Wearer. The designs for The Kabbadion made have been influenced by contact with The Far East (referred to as ''Oriental'' by The Byzantine). Made of silk and highly embellished with Gold or Silver threading, The Kabbaion were a variety of bright and flamboyant colors. They were long (full) sleeved affairs. Coloring (as stated) was bright – which was also linked to the particular ''status'' of The Wearer. In a Royal Byzantium Court, the brightest colors were often reserved for Court Officials chosen directly by The Emperor himself. The Kabbadion was seen in use up to the 15th Century AD.