Joyeuse Sword

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By Crusader1307

Attributed as being the personal sword of Emperor Charlemagne, it is currently in custody of The Louvre (France). Of Straight Sword variety, Joyeuse has a 37 inch blade and is double edged. The original scabbard had long since vanished, but a 13th Century (possible reproduction of the original), is often displayed with it. The handle of the weapon has a large crown-shaped pommel (no doubt incorporated to honor it's owner). A gold inlaid crossguard of the single hand bar type separates an equally golden hand grip. Joyeuse was aid to have been used as the coronation sword for every French King from 1270 to 1505. A replica of Joyeuse was made in 1793, with the original placed away for safekeeping. Often, Joyeuse is debated by historians as not being the true sword of Charlemagne, do to many of the components of the sword are said to have been made in different ages (9th to 13th Centuries).