Joshua Roll

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Dating to the 10th Century AD, and ''labeled'' as part of The Macedonian Renaissance – The ''Joshua Roll'' is an Ancient manuscript which was created in Constantinople (current Istanbul, Turkey). The ''Roll'' term of description was applied to the then popular ''Oriental'' style of Art and Writing which was produced on rolled parchments and related mediums. The Roll tells The Old Testament (Biblical) Story of Joshua, with illuminated Art – inked with contemporary organic sources (pre-inking). It is thought that regular Artisans rather than Religious Monks, constructed The Joshua Roll.


Presented in ''Psalter Form'', The Joshua Roll survived The Ottoman Invasions (and eventual Capture of Constantinople, which was Capitol of The Byzantine Empire). It would eventually fall into control of The Roman (Western) Catholic Church, where is is currently preserved in The Vatican Library in Rome, Italy.