Joseph Bannister

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

His birthdate unknown, 17th Century English Pirate Joseph Bannister cut a swath thru The Caribbean, making him a worthy figure during the ''Golden Age'' of Piracy. He started out his career as a ''law abiding'' Merchant Captain of The Ship ''Golden Fleece'' – and ran the ''Rum Route'' from Jamaica to London. Profitable, History shows no cause for him turning to Piracy. He did, taking The ''Fleece'' and 30 of it's crew - into a life of Piracy around 1684. Bannister first took a Spanish Vessel and risked starting yet another conflict with Spain. The Governor of Jamaica enlisted then aid of The British Warship HMS ''Ruby''. Faster and out gunned, Bannister was captured and imprisoned. Before his trial however, he masterminded a daring escape – back to his Pirate ways.


Hunted by Spain and England, Bannister won his place in ''Pirate History'' in 1685 when he did battle with two British Warships. Although out gunned again (The Enemy combined 56-guns), his seamanship (and The British running out of ammunition) – won the day. ''Retiring'' around 1687 in Jamaica (under an assumed name) – Bannister was ''found out'' and taken into custody yet again. Rather than risk him escaping yet again, The Governor of Jamaica ordered him hung immediately outside his home.