Jose Gaspar

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Many ''Piratical'' Historians doubt the actual existence of Mr. Jose Gasper. Said to be quite a profitable Privateer who operated in The Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th Century, Gaspar had His ''Fleet'' of Ships headquartered in Southern Florida (US). A known hostage taker, Gaspar was said to have amassed close to 200 Million in Gold from His ventures. It was said no Navy (American, Spanish or British) could capture Him. It was said that His and His ''Associates'' met Their end at the hands of an entire Squadron of US Warships, in a mythical and heated engagement off The Coast of Florida. Mirroring the infamous ''Battle of Cartagena;; in the mid 18th Century, the Gulf of Mexico was sai to be ''ablaze'' with burning Vessels (both Pirate and American). But little real historical proof has ever been found about such a battle. Some versions state that – located buried on some long forgotten Florida Beach (or perhaps Cuban cave), is Gaspar's many millions – just waiting to be had!