Jonathan Barnet

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By Crusader1307

Another ''redeemed'' Pirate (or Traitor to his Own), Jonathan Barnet's birthdate is unknown. He was born in England and no doubt grew up in a Coastal Town. Little is also known of his early life, with only his career having been documented between 1715 to 1720. Barnet was one of many Privateers who were commissioned by The English Crown to fight against both France and Spain for supremacy of The Caribbean and the seaway Commerce.


In 1716, Barnet took an official Pardon for his pre-Privateering ways and was one of (10) such ''skilled seamen'' commissioned by The Governor of Jamaica to ''hunt down'' his fellow Pirates who had not taken a Pardon. It was seen that his knowledge of these errant men and their hunting grounds was invaluable.


Now a ''Pirate Hunter'', Barnet worked with other small fleets of vessels to rid The Caribbean of Pirates. Barnet is best remembered for his taking Jack ''Calico Jack'' Rackham and the famed female Pirate s Anne Boney. And Mary Read.


After 1720, little is written about Barnet, save he left the sea and possibly set up in retirement in Jamaica or The America's. It can be assured that he avoided the sea and Coastal Towns (Ports), save he was recognized as a Traitor to The Brotherhood.