John Phillips

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in Bristol, England in 1724, Phillips was a Ship Carpenter by trade. His vessel was captured by Pirates and (as his luck would have it), his vocation was in high demand. He was given the “choice” to join the crew (which he did). He began to rise up in the ranks and eventually was given command of a smaller Sloop. His vessel tangled with a British Warship and was damaged. He and his crew were captured (but Phillips was cunning enough to escape and leave his hapless crew to the British Authorities in Bristol). Ship and crew less, Phillips stole another Ship and recruited a crew of 6 men. This “band” began to actually operate again as Pirates (almost unheard of with a crew of anything less than 20). Phillips and his new crew saw some success (operating in The West Indies).


Phillips instituted a Pirate Code of Conduct, but oddly was lax in enforcing it's laws. In one case, a crewman ran from the deck during a battle. He should have been marooned for his crime – but Phillips did not enforce it. Phillips claim to fame is that he captured the Sloop “Dolphin” - commanded by John Fillmore (Great-Grandfather of US President Millard Fillmore). Fillmore's ship was taken and he was released. Phillips was killed in battle when his ship was overcome by several vessels at one time. In his 8 months as a Pirate he captured or took 34 ships.