John Murrell

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Known as The “Great West Land Pirate”, John Andrews Murrell was both a Land Outlaw and Pirate along The Mississippi River in the 1830s. Noted for his theft of everything from Horses to Slaves, Murrell and his small Band of Pirates were a terror in The Southern United States. Credited with at least 10 murders, the evidence of these crimes were never conclusively proven. So prolific a Slave Stealer, that for a period of time, his exploits were known as The “Murrell Excitement”. His “business” was so lucrative, that he was also known as The “Conductor” pf The “Reverse Underground Railway”. His infamy knew no bounds. At one point, a reward of 50,000 (USD) was leveled against him (one of the highest in the Era). Eventually captured and sentenced to 10-years for Slave Stealing, he died a “free Man” of Tuberculosis in 1844. However, as his Legend states – Grave Robbers dug up his Corpse and dismembered it, selling portions as grisly trophies to those whom Murrell had wronged. His Head was supposedly “pickled” and spent many years “touring” Carnivals in The Midwest.