John Julian

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Showing that Piracy was an “equal opportunity” profession, enter John Julian – the first recorded African descended Pirate of “The Golden Age of Pirates”. He started out as Pilot of the famed “Wydah Gally” (of Captain “Black Sam” Bellamy). Part African and Miskito Indian, he was nonetheless an effective Pilot for Bellamy. He joined Bellamy at the age of 16. Historians note that Bellamy may have had up to 60 African Pirates working on his various ships. All records show they were treated as equals with all regards. He eventually commanded his own vessel (possible a small Sloop), after the loss of Bellamy's ship. He did not work long however. Around 1717, Julian was in Boston Harbor (possible find another ship to join. He got drunk and was arrested as a possible “runaway slave”. He was said to have been sold to a John Quincy (who was the Grandfather of future US President John Quincy Adams). Reported as “unruly” Julian had attempted escape many times. He was captured a final time in 1733 and executed (hung).