John Evans

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By Crusader1307

John Evans was one of the few Welsh Pirates of the later ''Golden Age of Piracy''. He was active in The Caribbean for most of His ''career''. His birth date and much of His early life is unknown. Having spend much of His youth as a Merchant Seaman, He would be fired (reason unknown) from His legal employment from a Ship out of Nevis in The Caribbean. Having no prospects, Evans began using a canoe to sneak next to Ships in various Ports, going aboard with a small Group to rob those Ship's whose Crews had already gone to Port. Overcoming a small skeleton Crew was much easier this way.


In time, Evans had stolen enough to purchase a Sloop named ''Scowerer''. The vessel only sported 4 guns and held a Crew of 20. This was enough for Evans. Giving a ''flat rate'' to each Crewman prior to sailing (which was a first), Evans had no problems recruiting a ''good Crew''. But a ''good'' Crew can at times be problematic, as Evans would sadly learn.


The Sloop was able to take a Dutch Sloop of The Grand Cayman Islands, which yielded thousands in loot – around 1723. Perhaps this temptation was too great for Evan's Crew. Soon after the take, Evans Boatswain turned His pistol against Evans – shooting Him in the head and killing Him. The Crew took their ill gotten treasure back to The Grand Cayman Islands, scuttling The ''Scowerer'' outside of Port and living it ''high off the hog'' in Port. So much for ''Honor Among Thieves''........