John Coxton

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307



His early life is obscure, but he may have possibly been born in England in the 1680s. Operating primarily in The Caribbean, Coxton made his name when he and 3 ships (300 men), successfully attacked and took the Spanish town of Santa Maria (near Jamaica). He ransomed the Mayor. Coxton was a well know raider of Merchant Ships, possibly earning up to an estimated 10 Million (USD) during his career. Many warrants were issued, but known were collected on. Coxton was also one of the first Pirates to successfully sack Porto Bello (another important Spanish Port). Spain sent an entire Fleet to deal with Coxton. A quarrel developed about how best to deal with this threat between Coxton and his other Captains. As a result, his “Fleet” broke up. Coxton headed to The Indian Ocean for about a year. Returning, he again swept The Caribbean in a great sweep of smaller island Towns (raiding each). His fate is as much a mystery as his life. He and his ship (reputed to be 80-tons and carrying 8 “heavy guns” - simply disappeared around 1728.