John Bowen

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in Bermuda (Caribbean) to English Settler, John grew and moved to The Colony of South Carolina (America). He joined The Royal Navy (England) and worked his way to Petty Officer. Unfortunately, his vessel was attacked and taken by French Privateers. Bowen (along with other captured sailors), were placed in irons. The Privateers, ran aground near St. Augustine (in which Bowen and the other took the opportunity to escape). Making the trip to Florida's shore (45-miles away) was difficult. Bowen stayed in Florida for 18 months. He and his fellow men decided to become Pirates. Recruited by local Pirates, Bowen was instrumental in the capture of the 450-ton (50-gun) Slave Ship, The “Speaker”. Bowen was rewarded with the ship as his “cut” and a crew. “Speaker” served Bowen well. He made 100,000 (USD) from her attacks. However, “Speaker” was lost off Madagascar in 1701. Bowen and his crew “retired” off Africa and founded the Town of Maratan. Missing “The Life”, Bowen took command of The “Speedy Return” and The “Content”. Setting back to plundering, Bowen increased his “Fleet” and made 170,000 (USD) more. Selling his ships and retiring, he died of “unknown causes” around 1722.