John Auger

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born around 1678 in England, John Auger was a successful Pirate in The Bahamas (Caribbean). After a long career (6 to 8 years), he took a Royal Pardon and retired. He was brought out of his retirement by The Governor to turn Pirate Hunter (a well paying proposition despite the stigma attached). He was given command of a Ship and set sail around 1718. In this comes his story.


Apparently, Auger changed his mind about his Pardon and equipped with a strong and fast Ship, set about being a Pirate gain. However this may not be entirely correct. Captured by famed ex-Pirate Benjamin Hornigold, Auger testified in Admiralty Court that it was his First Mate who had commandeered his ship while he was in fact ''in his Cups (Drunk)'' and taken about being a Pirate. Auger killed the mutineer but did not return to Port (a fact that dismissed his story somewhat). Imprisoned for a year with his Crew, Auger was hung in 1719.