Jesse James (Weapons)

  • American West
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By Crusader1307

Perhaps one of the best known of American Western Outlaws, Jesse James was born in Missouri. Joining a band of Confederate Guerillas (Quantrills Raiders) at the start of The Civil War (1861), Jesse and his brother Frank may have participated in the infamous Raid on Lawrence, Kansas and The Centralia Raid (in which The Raiders purportedly scalped and dismembered their victims). After the War, Missouri was in chaos. Rival gangs and corrupt politicians held sway. It was by no small chance that Jesse and his brother took to a life of crime.


Specializing in Train and Bank robberies, Jesse (and the various gangs he joined) – cut a swath through the American West. So prolific was Jesse, that The Pinkerton Detective Agency was brought in (1874), to capture or kill him. His last “big” haul attempt was The First National Bank in Northfield, Minnesota in 1876. The attempt failed with only Jesse and his brother surviving or not being captured (as were the others in his gang). Healing from wounds at his home in 1882, an ex-member of his gang – Robert Ford, shot Jesse in the back of the head (while visiting him). He died immediately. Looked upon as almost a “Robin Hood” figure by the poor of The Era, Jesse no doubt was an expert with firearms – and used many different types. One known was an 1882 Long Colt Standard .45 Caliber Double Action Revolver. Fitted with pearl handles, this weapon was known to have been preferred by Jesse.