Jeremiah Johnson's .50 Caliber Hawkin Rifle

  • American West
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By Crusader1307


As we have seen, John ''Jeremiah'' Johnson was a well known Mountain Man of the American West of the 19th Century. His exploits as Hunter, Trapper and ''scourge'' (enemy) of Native Americans was well known. As a Hunter-Trapper in the ''wilds'' of The Mountains and Plains, Johnson needed a reliable firearm. But even His personal Rifle is steeped in Legend. John was noted for using a Hawkin .50 Caliber (big bore) Musket. These rugged and well made weapons (many still functional after 150 plus years), were truly sought after by these ''hearty men''. Bu John initially did not own one. According to legend , Johnson found the frozen corpse of a known Mountain Man. The man still was clutching His Hawkin. Johnson found a ''last will'' near the body and willed the rifle to the person that ''found His body and buried him''. The Hawkin was accurate to 800-yards, but could be pushed to 1,000. Typically weighing close to 12-lbs. They were originally a flintlock activated weapon. Most were converted to percussion (cap) by the 1870s. The Hawkin was one of the most popular self defense and hunting weapons of the early and mid -19th Century.