Javan Luwuk Sword

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By Crusader1307

The Luwuk Sword was a primary War weapon of The Majapahit Dynasty of Central Java. A staple during the 14th Century Civil War there, The Luwuk is said to be imbued with magical powers and abilities. The Blade is not mass produced, but each being hand-made. Thus a Luwuk is a treasured heirloom to a Warrior and his Family. A Straight Sword by Classification, The typical Luwuk is 38-inches in length. The Blade is single edged. The Blade handle was made from a variety of animal horn (bone), and is a curved, non Guarded variety. Scabbards were made of bone or wood as well and sparsely embellished. Only Royalty or Nobility within The Majapahit could be Warriors and thus carry a Luwuk. Even after the fall of their Dynasty around the 16th Century, these Blades were viewed as status symbols.