Japanese Zukin

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

Although not a traditional helmet, The Zukin Headpiece was another early form of Feudal Japanese head protection. Seen around the 13th Century (with variations going on well into the 15th), there were several different versions. All used a combination of Chain Mail and heavy Plates (Bronze or Iron). Some Infantry Classes used a semi-form fitting piece, that was worn as a Coif (or Cowl). They drapped over the rear of the head (and neck), and extended towards the front (but were left open). The Plating was arranged in patterns throughout the Mail as reinforced protection. Another version known was a form based on the traditional Kabuto Helmet. A type of “Slouch Hat”, these Models were more “Hat-like”, with much longer Mail and Plate “wings”. Archers and Spearmen both used these types of headgear.