Japanese Type 96 Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

The Japanese Type 96 Light Machine Gun wad a lightweight hand held weapon used for suppressive fire. The Type 96 was a carried by a single soldier, and assigned to Squad support. First fielded in 1936, it weighed 14-pounds and was 43 inches long. Using a 6.5mm jacketed round, The Type 96 was capable of a sustained rate of fire at 450-500 rounds per minute (deployed by a 30 rounds box magazine). It had a gas-operated, breech lock bolt mechanism. The minimum effective range was 200 meters with a maximum of 1,500 meters. A common issue with the Type 96, was the lack of round penetration at distance. Despite of this flaw, Imperial Japan produced 40,000 Type 96s. It was also equipped with the Type 38 Bayonet (for close quarters combat).