Japanese Tsuyama Castle

  • Medieval Asia
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By Crusader1307

Built between 1441 and 1444, Tsuyama Castle is located in Okiyama Prefecture (Southwest Japan). Although not as “large” as Himeji Castle, Tsuyama Castle “rivaled” Himeji in regards to it's lavish appointments. Occupied by the mighty Yamana Clan, they abandoned Tsuyama after their loss in The Onin War (1467-68). Held largely by whatever “ruling” Warlord that happen to take Tsuyama at their pleasure, the Castle was used many times as a staging point for many Feudal Clan Wars. Over the centuries, Tsuyama Castle slowly fell into ruins. Subsequent structures and facilities have been built on the Castle grounds (Schools, Farming, etc). By the 1880s, local Villagers began to dismantle much of the defensive walls and related structures to recycle their materials. The surviving “ruins” were no match for the American bombing raids of World War II. Originally consisting of some 77 interior structures, Tsuyama Castle featured a medium sized Keep (which was 2-leveled). A series of spiraling defensive perimeter walls, were built (at successive levels), leading down to the floor of the basin. A few of these “Curtain Walls” have been restored. The Present ruins (again under renovation), rise some 5-stories up. Tsuyama Castle was noted for (and still has) – it's well known collection of Cherry Blossom Trees.