Japanese TERA 7.7mm Rifle

  • World War II
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Imperial Japanese TERA (''Teishin Rakkasan Shoujuju'') was a revolutionary type of Military Long Arm (Rifle), developed for use for Japanese Army Paratroopers. While the overall usage of such Forces by The Em[pire of Japan was extremely limited, a common issue for them (and other such airborne Forces), was the need for an adaptable weapon which could be carried and deployed by Soldiers deploying from Aircraft, via parachutes. The TERA was seen as a probable choice.


Of the same length as many Arisaka Rifles of the 7.7mm Range, the primary difference of The TERA was that it was constructed to be broken down into two components. ''Breaking'' at the mid-section of the Stock, a series of iron pins and hinges allowed for the TERA to be easily carried by a Paratrooper (in His Pack). Once landing, a Soldier could easily re-assemble The TERA in under 1 minute (ideally). Unfortunately – as stated, The Imperial Japanese Army simply did not place too much emphasis on Airborne Tactics. As such very little effort was given to this form of Infantry. Only (4) Versions are known to still exist.