Japanese Tanegashima

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By Crusader1307

Another early firearm, The Tanegashima became the dominate form of firearm in Feudal Japan. A traditional Matchlock/Arquebus weapon, this rifle was constructed of wood and iron. It can be traced back to Portuguese Trade and inception. They were notoriously slow to load, heavy and cumbersome (at almost 12-pounds and 5 feet in length). Featuring an effective range of 80 to 100 yards, they were more effective when used in Volley. Archery was still preferred over The Tanegashima. However, by the mid-16th Century, more and more Samurai Warriors were starting to embrace Matchlocks. These rifles were used by both Noble and Commoner alike in combat. Firing a .70 caliber equivalent lead shot, documents from 1575, detail how some 3,000 Tanegashima shooters effectively destroyed their enemy at The Battle of Nagashino.