Japanese ''Sen Toku'' - Class Submarine

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By Crusader1307

Until the 1960s and the advent of Ballistic Submarines, the "Mega"-Class of World War II Sen-Toku Submarines were the largest submarine Warships built. Of the 18 planned, only 3 were built (1944). Wartime constraints on materials caused this. Of the 3 built, only I-400 survived, but it was surrendered and scuttled off Hawaii in 1945. Considered a Submersible Aircraft Carrier, The Sen-Toku could carry 3 Fighters (Aichi A6A1s), in a waterproof compartment. Configured for either Torpedo or Bomber deployment (Bomber configuration  could carry 1,700-pounds of munitions), from surfacing to actual deployment, took 45-mins. The Sen-Toku Class were 6,500-tons displaced and over 400-feet long. They stood 40-feet tall (beam), when surfaced. The Sen-Toku was armed with 8 Torpedoes. For surface warfare, she was armed with (4) 20mm Auto Cannons and (1) 14mm Main Gun. She was powered by 4 diesel engines capable of 2,570HP and 2 electric engines that generated an additional 2,100HP. The Sen-Toku could achieve 18-knots underwater and a surface speed of 21-knots. She could Dive to a depth of 330-feet. The primary mission of The "Mega" Subs, were to attack the West Coast of the United States. A battle plan was initiated to attack and destroy The Panama Canal. This plan was partially carried out when I-400 successfully launched a warplanes against The Canal (but was unsuccessful).