Japanese Oyumi

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Much debate among Historians has arose out of the “existence” of The Oyumi. Many feel that any “contact” with Crossbow-type weapons were from Chinese encounters and that The Japanese did not “develop” their own “ranged weapon” system. However, accounts from 7th Century A.D. Japan detail a type of weapon (used by specially trained soldiers), used in various “Shogunate Wars” of The Era (11th Century). Described as “medium sized wooden containers”, they had a Torsion-type Recursive Bow System. Stretched and locked, the Drawstring was fitted into a bronze latch (which was in turn activated by a primitive triggering system – below. A grooved path was fitted with a rather large headed Arrow. It does appear however, that The Oyumi did NOT catch on with The Japanese at the time (becoming more interested in Firearms and Gunpowder developments).