Japanese Nakajima Ki-84 ''Gail'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

Also known as The Hayate (or ''Gail'') – and nicknamed ''Frank'' by Allied Forces. The Nakajima Ki-84 was a late World War II Imperial Japanese Fighter Plane. Production began in 1943, with actual deployment not until 1944. It was envisioned as a ''high altitude'' Fighter, to intercept American B-29 Bombers. Seventeen Variants were produced with many considering The Ki-84, one of the fastest Fighters in The Southern Pacific Theater of The War. Crewed by One, The ''Frank'' was 33-feet long with a 37-foot wingspan. The Fighter was powered by a single Nakajima Ha-45, 18 cylinder Engine, capable of 1,850-HP. It could achieve an airspeed of 496-mph. It's operational ceiling was rated at 38,000-feet. Bombing variants were developed as well. These Models could deploy between 200 and 500-lbs. Of ordnance. Small Arms included Twin 103 Machine Guns (Nose mounted) and Twin Cannon in each wing. Between 3,000 and 4,000 Ki-84s were prioduced for The Japanese War effort. First deployed at The Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944). Until the end of The War, it became a staple Japanese Fighter, somewhat respected by it's enemies. Many survived The War in 1945 and can be found in Air Museums around The World.