Japanese Mitsubishi J8M ''Sharp Sword'' Fighter

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By Crusader1307

Imperial Japan, much like Nazi Germany – experimented with Rocket Powered and Jet Engine technology. Their goal was to quickly field a Fighter Aircraft to counter Allied Bombing of major Cities and reverse the course of The War. Assisted by German information, Japanese designers created several variations of early Rocket and Jet Aircraft. In most cases, The Japanese were unable to effectively launch a viable program from either with the exception of several Manned and Remote Guided Rockets (such as The “Cherry Blossom”). Not well known, The Mitshubishi J8M “Sharp Sword” was an attempted Rocket Interceptor produced in 1944 (although the prototype was not flown until 1945). (7) were built. The German “Komet” Rocket Fighter was the base design. The “Sharp Sword” Jet was 40-feet long with 30-foot wings. Crewed by (1), the single Jet Turbo Engine was capable of over 3,000-pounds of thrust. It could achieve over 600-mph. The “Sharp Sword” was rated to achieve an operational ceiling of 38,000-feet. The Jet was armed with (2) 20mm Cannon. Before an actual combat test flight could occur, The War ended against Japan. Only (2) were kept from destruction, with these being shipped back to The United States for examination.