Japanese Mitsubishi J2M3-21 ''Raiden'' Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Japanese "Raiden" Fighter (meaning "Thunderbolt"), was nicknamed "Jack" by American Soldiers, was meant to augment Mitsubishi's "Zero" Fighter. First produced from 1942, 11 variants were produced until production ended on 1945. Primarily used by The Imperial Japanese Navy, The "Raiden" was a single-seater, 33-foot long Fighter/Bomber, with a 35-foot wingspan. It's 14-cylinder Engine allowed her airspeeds in excess of 400-mph. The "Raiden" had an operational ceiling of 38,000-feet. Her armament included several wing cannon configurations of either (2) 77mm Cannon with 210-rounds each, or (2) 101mm Cannon with 190-rounds each. The "Raiden" could also carry  (2) 132-pounds Bombs. Her original mission was first Mainland and Coastal Defense against US B-29 Superfortress Raids. This was an operational issue for The "Raiden". They were not equipped with Radar and were not very effective Interceptors when Allied Forces switch to Night time Bombing operations. Switched over to defend The Philippine Islands in 1944, The "Raiden" proven very efficient in Air to Ground Operations. The only known surviving and fully operational "Raiden" in The World, is currently on display at The Planes of Fame Aircraft Museum, in Chino, California.