Japanese Mitsubishi F1 Fighter Jet

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1978, The Japanese IDAF Mitsubishi F-1 aircraft was a Multi-purpose Fighter, considered the first all Japanese build Fighter Jet since the end of World War II. One of it's primary Mission goals was to provide anti-ship capabilities off The Japanese Coast. Should a Soviet Long Range Bomber Wing approach The Japanese Island – with their Fighter cover, The F-1 could be quickly launched to engage.


While only 77 were produced, The F-1 was an effective Fighter Jet. Piloted by (1), The F-1 was 60-feet long with a slight swept wing pattern wingspan of 25-feet. Powered by (2) Ishikawa-Harima TF-40 (afterburning) Turbo Jets, capable of achieving 5,100-IBF Thrust at 1,056-mph. The F-1 had an operational ceiling of 50,000-feet. The suffered from only a 345-mile Mission operations range.


The F-1 was equipped with a single 20mm ''Vulcan'' (Gatlin) Nose Gun. Only (2) AIM Missiles (or similar) could be carried (underwing). The Mitsubishi F-1 would last in Japanese IDAF inventory until 2006, with (2) variants produced. Japan did not export The F-1.