Japanese Manju-No-Wa

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

Developed (and evolved from) the 9th Century to the mid 15th Century, Japanese component Armor (like it's European cousins), was heavy and uncomfortable. Great measures were made to provide some measure of relief to the hard fighting Samurai Warrior and the related Foot Soldiers of The Imperial Armies throughout Japan's Medieval history. The Manju-No-Wa Component was one solution. Worn over the head, this piece draped over the wearer. It provided a padding to the upper chest, shoulders and underarms of the soldier or Warrior. Strapped into place by cloth or silk cords, The Manju-No-Wa was comparable to many Modern sports protective padding. Made of cloth (and sometimes reinforced with leather layers), The Manju-No Wa component also provided rudimentary protection.