Japanese Kokusai Ki-76 Spotter Plane

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By Crusader1307

First deployed by The Imperial Japanese Army in 1942 – The Kokusai Ki-76 was an Artillery Spotting Plane, widely used during World War II. Code named ''Shelia'' by The Allies, The Ki-76 was also used as a Liaison Plane as well. The airplane was never intended to be deployed as armed, some were deployed with (1) 7.7mm Rear Mounted Machine Gun. In one documented instance, a Ki-76 (using a drag and release hook), deployed a 135-lb. Depth Charge against an Allied Submarine (unsuccessfully) in 1945. After The War, The Royal Thai Air Force took custody of many and used them as Trainers. Crewed by (2), The Ki-76 was 32-feet in length with a wingspan of 50-feet. A single propeller powered by a 9-cylinder Hitachi Piston Engine – which generated 300-HP. Operational Ceiling was rated to 18,000-feet.