Japanese Kawanishi H8K ''Emily'' Recon Plane

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By Crusader1307

The Japanese Kawanishi H8K Reconnaissance Plane (nicknamed "Emily" by The Allies), she was in The "Flying Boat" Class of combat aircraft. Designed in 1941, The H8K was a multi-purpose Reconnaissance Plane, which saw much success with The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. Powered by 4 radial Engines, each was capable of 1,850HP. The air of the H8K was 300 mph. In a Parol capability, she had a 4,500 mile range. Crewed by 10, The "Emily" was 92-feet long with a wingspan of 125-feet. Her hull-like fusilage was stabilized by twin underwing pontoons. The H8K had an operational ceiling of 12,000 feet. Heavily armed with (5) 20mm Cannon, deployed in her nose, dorsal, tail and side waists, she also sported (5) 12.75mm Machine Guns. Capable of performing 3 different bombing profiles, The H8K could as a "Bomber", carry 1,700-pounds of Ordnance. As an "Anti-Ship Bomber", she could carry 2,000-pounds of Torpedoes or 4,000-pounds of Depth Charges. The "Emily" was truly a multi-purposed aircraft. The first deployment of the H8K was in 1942, during the often overlooked "2nd Attack on Pearl Harbor" (known as "Operation: K"). "Emily's" were deployed to attack and disrupt on-going salvage and repair operations of The US Navy in Hawaii. Due to poor weather, very little damage was done. The H8K was also an early Japanese attempt at Air Radar. Of the 167 built, all were equipped with on-board Radar. Production ceased with the end of The War in 1945.