Japanese ''Ka-Mi'' Amphibious Vehicle

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Only (19) of The Japanese “Ka-Mi'' was produced starting in 1943. An innovative approach in combining both Medium Tank with a water borne Armored Transport and Attack Vehicle, it was based on previous (successful) designs. The “Ka-Chi'' was in essence designed as a Boat. A curved Hull was rubberized on the inside to prevent water leakage, with light steel plating to support integrity. This was similar to a Pontoon-style design. The “Ka-Mi'' was 40-feet long with a 13-foot width. They supported (7) Crewmen and were powered by a 240-HP, V12 Diesel Engine. The “Ka-Mi” could make 10-mph on water and 32-mph on open land. An enclosed Turret formed the Tank Component of The “Ka-Mi”. This fully rotational Housing was equipped with a 47mm Main Gun and supported both a Type 97 Heavy Machine Gun and (7) 58mm Machine Guns (throughout). The Tank was armored with plating up to 1.98-Inches, throughout, giving it an overall weight of 30-tons (on land in displaced in water). After The War, it is speculated that of the (19) built, (10) were destroyed in Combat with the remaining 9 destroyed by The British.