Japanese Kabutowari

  • Swords And Knive
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By Crusader1307

These weapons were in The Jitte Family of weapons. Very similar is usage to the European “Sword Breaker”, The 14th Century Kabutowari - was a knife-like weapons made of iron. Single-edged and roughly 12 to 15-inches long, the blade was slender (and sharp) – for punching through leather or light Chain Mail. A small upturned “hook” protrusion (fixed to the base of the blade), could be used to “catch” an enemies blade. By a series of twisting and turning movements, the attacking blade may be taken away (at best). The wooden handle (roughly 4 to 6 inches long), featured a heavy iron (flat) pommel, which was used as a striking implement. Although considered a “cutting weapon”, The Kautowari seems to have been used more as a striking weapon.