Japanese Hoko Yari Spear

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By Crusader1307

Developed around the 3rd Century A.D. (and carrying onward throughout most of mid to late Japanese military history), The Hoko Yari was one of the first Spear weapons make and pressed into mass production. The basic design was based on pre-existing Chinese versions of The Era. A “melee” weapon, The Hoko Yari was issued to Line Troops and Guards. It was a stabbing and (to some degree), a throwing weapon. As a Pole Arm, The Hoko Yari was constructed from a 6-foot pole. The Spearhead was around 8-inches long. A typical blade design incorporated a “wavy” cut pattern (similar to The Kris or Flammerge Blade of European design). Unlike many Spears of the Era that used a “slit tang” design to accommodate the head (and tied off by leather), The Hoko Yari incorporated a fitted, hollow slot. Although variations were made to the weapon, it remain relatively unchanged throughout Japanese military history.