Japanese ''Fubuki'' - Class Destroyer

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By Crusader1307

Often seen by Naval Historians as one of the first "modern" type of Destroyers, The Imperial Japanese Navy's "Fubuki"-Class of Destroyers were first constructed in 1926, with 24 being completed by 1933. Of these, 22 were lost in the War. They weighed 1,700-tons displaced and averaged between 113 and 118-feet long. They stood roughly 34-feet tall. Using 3 boilers and twin Geared Turbines, the 3-Shaft Combat Ships were fast at 44-mph. They crewed 200 men. Armed with (6) .50 Cal. Deck Guns, (2) 13 mm Machine Guns (9) 15-inch Torpedoes, (18) 15-inch Torpedoes and (18) Depth Charges. The "Fubuki"-Class were lightly armored with between 2 to 19-inches of plate. The "Fubuki"-Class Destroyers were used as Convoy Escort Ships and for the protection of Aircraft installations near Coasts. They were very effective, with plans to create whole Fleets. However, the direction of The War changed against Japan, and construction was abandoned. The last 2 "Fubuki" survived The War and served until 1964.