Japanese Battleship ''Hyuga''

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By Crusader1307

The Imperial Japanese Battleship ''Hyuga'' was a ''Ise''-Class Warship which served in World War II with The Japanese War Effort. Launched in 1917, ''Hyuga'' did not see service in World War I. She was among the first such Japanese Battleships to employ the iconic ''Pagoda Mast'' configuration. ''Hyuga'' saw limited service (bombarding The Coast of China), during The Sin-Japanese War of 1937. She supported The Task Force during The Battle of Midway (1942). Her age as a Warship precluded Her from Major Operation, but ''Hyuga'' did support Operations in The North Pacific as far as Alaska. A Reserve Vessel by 1945 and the end of The Pacific War – ''Hyuga'' was sunk several times while berthed at Kure Island. She would be refloated each time, but was scrapped in 1947. ''Hyuga'' displaced 30,000-tons and was 685-feet long. Her Beam was 95-feet. Crewing 1,300 Officers and Men, ''Hyuga'' used (24) Steam Turbines which produced a sea speed of 25-mph. She supported up to 10-inches of armor plating throughout. Armament included – (6) 14-inch Main Guns, (20) 5.5-inch Guns, (4) 3-inch AA Guns and (6) 21-inch Torpedoes.