Japanese Ashigaru

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Known as “Gun Footmen”, The Medieval Japanese Teppo Ahsigaru was a Line Regiment seen around the 15th Century and trained in the use of early Matchlock Firearms. As previously discussed, the various early Models of Japanese Firearms were based on The Portuguese Snaplocks. They became relatively easy to construct by Feudal Japanese Blacksmiths. Their use, while effective in battle, was seen somewhat “offensive” by The Samurai “Code of Bushido”. The Teppo Units were seen as easily trained – requiring little skilled training. As such, the common “Ashigaru” (Farmer conscripted) Soldiers could be used in greater numbers over Spear and Pole Arm. The Teppo were seen akin to Europe's Harquebruisers.


In time, Marksmanship skills were seen as important (something which although “taught”), began to require refined skills (especially with technological advances in Japanese Firearms). The Teppo would gradually become invaluable and highly trained Soldiers which would form the origins of the “Modern” Japanese Army of The 19th Century – forward.