Japanese Arisaka 6.5mm Rifle

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By Crusader1307

The Standard issue Rifle of The Imperial Japanese Army, The Arisaka Class of weapons were first fielded in 1906. In particular, The Type 38 fired a 6.5mm round to a maximum effective range of 500 meters. Weighing 10-pounds, the overall length (before it's bayonet attachment), was 50-inches. As a bolt action weapon, The Type 38 used a 5-round Strip Clip (just becoming a standard innovation at the time). The Arisaka was produced until 1945. With 3 Million made, The Type 38 was a problematic weapon. An oversized and cumbersome bolt action, coupled with round extraction problems, created serious issues in the field. Although it was "officially replaced" in 1941 by The Type 99, this Arisaka version was not produced in the numbers needed for immediate replacement.  The attached Bayonet for The Type 38, was a 30-inch, single edged cutting weapon, often used as a hand weapon by the Japanese. It was this bayonet, most commonly associated with the famous, Japanese "Bonzai" Infantry Charge tactic.