Japanese Aircraft Carrier ''Shinano''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The ''Shinano'' was an aircraft Carrier of The Imperial Japanese Navy, during World War II. Taking nearly (3) years to construct, She was deployed in 1944. ''Shinano'' was one of the last Japanese Aircraft Carriers built during The War. She was rated as one of the largest Warships built up to that time, slightly larger that the famed Battleship ''Yamato''.


''Shinano'' displaced over 68,000-tons. She was 873-feet long with a Beam of 120-feet. Power was provided by (12) ''Water'' Boilers that supported (4) Steam Turbines. ''Shinano'' was capable of making 33-mph on open Seas. Crewed by 2,400 Officers and Men, ''Shinano'' had between 3 to 15-inches of armor plating throughout Her superstructure.


Armament included (8) 5-inch Guns, (35) 1-inch AA Guns and (12) Rocket Launching Systems for 4.7-inch munitions. ''Shinano'' supported up to (47) Fighters of various Classes. Before She could be used in The Japanese War Effort however – a scant 10 days after launching, ''Shinano'' would be targeted by The Submarine USS ''Archerfish'' off The Coast of Japan. ''Archerfish'' launched (4) 21-inch Torpedoes amidships. Sinking Her, over 1,400 Japanese Sailors were lost.