Japanese Aircraft Carrier ''Katsuragi''

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By Crusader1307

The Imperial Japanese Navy's Aircraft Carrier '' Katsuragi'' was a late World War II Warship, which, while building commenced in 1942, She would not be finished in time to support The Japanese War effort. A half completed and armed ''Katsuragi'' was used to support operations (Monitor Ship) off The Coast of Japan, but was severely damaged by an Allied airstrike. Her remains were scrapped in 1951. ''Katsuragi'' was built to support 1,500 Officers and Men. Displacing 22,000-tons, She was 745-feet in length with a Beam of 73-feet. Powered by (4) Steam Turbines, rated speed was 37-mph. ''Katsuragi'' had no aircraft catapult launch system, and would have support a Squadron of Warplanes (roughly 20). Her armament included (6) 7-inch Guns, (22) 1-inch AA Guns and (28) 4-inch Rocket Launchers. Her armor was between 3 and 12-inches of plating throughout.