Japanese Aircraft Carrier ''Kaga''

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By Crusader1307

One of the (6) Japanese Naval Aircraft Carrier to take part in The Attack on The US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, The “Kaga” was once destined to be a Battleship, but due to the stipulations of The “Washington Treaty” (1923), was able to be reconstructed in an Aircraft Carrier. Part of The First Carrier Group, The “Kaga” served in The Invasion of China and later the epic Battle of Midway (1942). The massive “Kaga” was the first and of Her Class constructed. She was 38,000-Tons awas was 819-feet long. She stood 106-feet (Beam). Powered by (8) Boilers and (4) Turbines, “Kaga” could achieve 32-mph in open Sea. She could range 12,000-miles. “Kaga” featured (3) Decks. Her Armor Plated ranged from .06 to 1.5-Inches throughout. She was Crewed by over 1,700. The “Kaga” could support (90) Bomber and Attack Fighters. Her Armament included (10) 100mm Guns, (40) 127mm Guns and (11) 25mm AA Guns (throughout). During The Attack on Pearl Harbor, “Kaga” was 230 nautical miles from The Island, when she participated in The First Attack Wave. Her Bombers and Attack Planes (186) claimed hits on (6) of the primary US Battleships docked there. Her Fighter also claimed (1) US Fighter destroyed in Air Combat and the decimation of (20) more on the ground. It was at The Battle of Midway (1942), that “Kaga” and (3) other Japanese Aircraft were destroyed in the pitched and epic Sea Battle. In a game of “Cat and Mouse”, (25) Dive Bombers from The USS ''Enterprise” dropped 1,000-pound Bombs on “Kaga”. Fatally damaged with a loss of over 800 of her Crew, “Kaga” still refused to sink. A raging “Fire on The Seas”, Japanese Destroyer scuttle her in order for Her not to fall into Allied Hands. Her loss and the loss of the other Carriers at Midway – was a crippling blow to Imperial Japan. Losing her dominance of The Pacific she helped established just 6-months prior, Midway also helped to bolster American resolve (so badly damaged with Pearl Harbor).