Japanerse Aircraft Carrier ''Zuikaku''

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By Crusader1307

The Imperial Japanese Aircraft Carrier ‘’Zuikaku’’ was one of (6) Attack Carriers deployed against American Naval assets stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – on December 7, 1941. A ‘’Shokaku’’-Class Aircraft Carrier, The ‘’Zuikaku’’ launched  (2) aircraft attack formations against American Forces. She would support The Japanese War effort until her loss (sinking) at the epic Battle of Leyte Gulf (The Philippine Islands) in 1945. The ‘’Zuikaku” displaced 32,000-tons and was crewed by 1,660-Men. She was 845-feet long with nearly a 90-foot-Beam. The ‘’Zuikaku’’ was powered by (8) Boilers and (4) Shafts that allowed for over 35-knots. Her armor plating ranged from 6 to 11-inches throughout. Her primary armament included (16) 5-inche Guns (Type 88)and (36) 25mm Anti-Aircraft Guns. The ‘’Zuikaku” supported flight operations for over (72) Fighters and Light Bombers. The ‘’Zuikaku” (after The Pearl Harbor Operation), participated in many of the major engagements between Japan and The United States in The Pacific Theater of war. The ‘’Zuikaku” was the only Japanese Aircraft Carrier sunk exclusively by Torpedo Fighters at The Battle of Leyte Gulf, hit by (9) Torpedoes and (3) Bombs. 862 of  her Crew survived.