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By Crusader1307

James Sutter was a “Settler” and Prospector who arrived in Northern California in the 1830s. Settling near the now derelict Russian Fort Ross – Sutter “made an offer” to buy the location. Russian (having given up their hopes of claiming Northern California), eagerly sold the property for $30,000 (USD). Now known as “Sutter's Fort”, these set of Colors were created. Based on the (then) Mexican National Colors of Red, White and Green – a Large Red Star was added to the White center stripe. This was done in 1836 to reflect Sutter's (and other Colonist's “support” of Texan Rebels). Later, when the first “rumblings” of rebellion against Mexico started in Northern California, this and the iconic “Bear Flag” were used in the “Bear Flag Revolt”. The Flag was still used when The Mexican War broke out in 1846.