James Fort

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By Crusader1307

Located in Kinsdale, Ireland – James Fort was designed as one of several key defensive structures to guard The Kinsdale River. It was constructed on an overlook of the river by British Forces in 1602 (under commission of Charles I). The Fort was occupied by Spanish Forces who came to aid in Ireland's struggles against “Protestant” England. A brief Siege and capture of the Garrison lasted only a few months before it was retaken. Named for King James of Scotland – James Fort is a Polygonal defensive structure with 6 foot thick defensive walls. Bastions were placed on the Corner Points of the walls for placement of cannon. James Fort is classified as a “Gunpowder Fort”. By 1690, larger Coastal Guns were placed there. Jacobite Forces occupied James Fort during The Williamite Wars. Prior to their abandoning it, they set fire to the gunpowder stores – causing a damaging explosion. With the larger Charles Fort directly across the Kinsdale River, no effort was made to repair it. By the late 18th Century, a partial restoration was undertaken and James Fort was garrisoned yet again by The British until the late 19[sup]th[/sup] and early 20th Century. Considered a ruin, it has been partially restored.