Jacobite ''White Rose'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

The ''White Rose'' Flag of The Jacobite Rebel Armies was base on their support of ''Pretender'' Charles Stuart's connection to the House of York during The English Dynastic Wars, known as The ''War of The Roses'' (15th Century). The White Rose was a symbol of The House of York (of which his blood descended from). Other than The Saltire Flag (or Cross Flag), The Jacobites had no set Standard that was used widely during their Rebellions in Scotland. Highland Clans did begin to use Colors with their Militias – of which The ''White Rose'' was one of many. This Flag was one of the many seen at the epic final Battle of Culloden (Scotland, 1746).


The entirety of The Flag Field was Crimson (Red). Centered, was the image of a White Rose (sometimes called The Burnet Rose). The images was duplicated on both sides of the Flag Field. Depictions of several other White Rose Flags have been seen in drawings from the 16th Century, which show a similar White Rose Flag with a variation added. This variation shows a series of (7) smaller White Roses placed next to the Left Hoist of The Flag. These Roses run the length of The Hoist and are meant to identify the (7) Stuart supporting Clans.