Jack Rackham

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Also known as Jack Rackham and his more colorful nickname “Calico Jack”, Rackham was born in England (possibly around 1682). His name appears as a Quartermaster on the Sloop “Ranger” around 1718. This was an important position on a Pirate vessel (and was often a prime move to that of Captain). When his Captain (Charles Vane) elected not to engage a wealthy merchant ship, Rackham rallied the Pirate crew to attack – take the ship and elect him as new Captain. Operating in The Caribbean and off The African Coast, Rackham was known for being the only Pirate Captain to have 2 female crew members (equally as hard and determined as he).


Rackham was somewhat successful as a Pirate, earning over 1 million (USD) in his short career. His ship “Kingsman”, was well known. In 1720, Governor Rogers of The Bahamas issued a warrant for his his arrest and multiple British warships set about to capture or kill him. Drunk and celebrating a recent victory, his ship was crippled by a British warship – and Rackham was captured along with his crew. He was tried and hung for piracy in 1720. His body was gibbeted in the Port Harbor as a warning to other Pirates.