Italian Model 1914 Fiat-Revelli 52mm Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

The ''standard'' fully-automatic weapon of The Italian Army during World War I – The Fiat-Revelli Model 1914 was a 52mm Firearm. Traditionally a ''crew served'' weapon (more than one Operator), it was mostly used by a single Gunner. Tripod Mounted (for stability), The Fiat-Revelli saw a very wide manufacturing run (50,000 +). Capable of supporting a ''feed box'' of 100-rounds, it weighed heavy at 47-lbs. It's cyclic rate of fire was roughly 500-rpm. It was ranged to around 1,500-yards. Produced from 1914 to 1918, it's successful design and combat use would cause it's basic design to serve a s the Model form many future Italian Army ''Heavy'' Machine Guns, well into the 1940s.