Italian CosMos CE2F ''Chariot'' SDV

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By Crusader1307

The CosMos CE2F ''Chariot'' was developed (1960) by The Italian Military, for use by it's Special Forces Commando ''Frogmen'' Unit. It was deployed as a Covert means of transporting Operators to various locations for intelligence gathering, counter surveillance and general ''harassment'' Operations within an Enemy Harbor or Port Facility. They were launched via a variety of small Surface Craft. Various Types were developed with The ''Chariot'' being the most popular. It was heavily based on The British Commando WWII Versions. Unlike most steel-alloy constricted versions, The Italian CE2F was made of fiberglass. The Class was 20-feet in length with a 3.5-foot diameter. The ''Chariot'' was powered by a 3-HP encased Electric Motor, which could achieve 40-mph. The ''Chariot'' could also support a smaller version Torpedo (12-inch). The CE2F was rated to support as many as (4) Commando Swimmers, and could achieve a depth of 30-feet. Although no official actual combat Missions were recorded, The CE2F remained in Italian Service until the 1980s.